1) What kind of photography do I specialize in?

Trendy, modern and creative lifestyle photography! I shoot important moments in life: engagements, weddings, family, boudoir, concerts and special events. I use natural light for the most part, so love shooting photography outdoors.

2) What inspires me?

I am inspired by so many things! Music is a large part of my life. I grew up performing on stage (singing, acting and dancing), worked as a DJ for many years, and photograph concerts big and small. Nothing else moves me to laugh, sing, play and dance quite like music and song. I am also inspired by my son as I see how he explores and experiences life through his young, yet wise, eyes. My dogs inspire me to be patient and playful, and there's nothing like doggy snuggles at any time during the day. My husband is a huge source of inspiration! He is my best friend and such an incredible father... I constantly learn so much from him. I am inspired by people, young and old. I feel as though we are on earth to learn from others and to share our experiences with them to feel enriched and loved. Photography is one way of sharing our lives with others, so photography is also a huge source of inspiration.

3) How did I get into photography? 

Being raised by a photo-journalist mother in England, I was immersed in photography from a young age. Following other interests, I attained a B. A. in psychology and a B. Ed., followed by a career in counselling and education. In 2010, my son was born and my passion for photography was ignited. In 2011, I founded Michelle Spice Photography, won Calgary's Capture Wow Stampede Photography Contest and was featured on the Art Gallery of Calgary's website. Since then, I have been a busy photographer - and love it! 

4) Whereabouts am I located?

While I live in Cochrane, I shoot a lot in Calgary. I also like to travel to photograph concerts, weddings and other special events. 

5) What's my favourite food?

Ice cream! 

6) What else do I do in life?

I like to ride my road bike, go to the gym and do hot yoga. But mainly, I love to spend time with my amazing family. :)